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HD-Digital Retinal Scan

This scan captures an image of the retina (back of your eye). It documents the appearance of important eye structures like the optic nerve, macular and blood vessels. It allows our optometrists to monitor the structures for any possible changes or diseases. HD-DRS scans provided with all comprehensive eye examinations.

OCT Scans

This is a highly advanced scan which segments the retina and other eye structures into many layers. This provides a cross-sectional view of the eye structures much like how a CT-scan provides a cross-sectional view of your body parts. This allows our optometrists to detect early changes that could be invisible to our naked eyes or traditional digital retinal scans. This scan also provides accurate structural monitoring for patients with eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Who we recommend the OCT scans for?

  • Patients above 40
  • Patients with systemic conditions (ie. diabetes, high blood pressure, on certain long term medications)
  • Family history of eye diseases like (glaucoma, macular degeneration)
  • When our optometrists find something suspicious

Corneal Topography Scan

This highly advanced scan generates a steepness map of your cornea by measuring its natural curvature at thousands of points. It allows our optometrists to have a baseline record of the steepness of your cornea before prescribing contact lenses and designing specialised contact lenses. The information given enables our optometrists to diagnose and monitor corneal diseases such as keratoconus.

Anterior Eye Imaging

This imaging device captures a high definition image of the front of your eye. It allows our optometrists to monitor any lump and bumps on the eye surface as well as provide clear documentation on the progress of treatment for red/dry/sore eyes.

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