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ZEISS Digital Lens

Digital devices have a major impact on your life, and on your eyes. Smartphones, tablets, GPS, the Internet – they all constitute our digital world – and are especially challenging for our eyes.

The ZEISS Digital Lens offers a solution: an all-day lens designed specifically for your digital lifestyle. Only ZEISS Digital Lens allows you to easily move between the screen and the world around you, with optimum clarity and complete comfort.

The ZEISS Digital Lens has been specifically designed to reduce the impact of digital device use on your eyes. It provides clear, crisp, comfortable vision all day while reducing eyestrain and minimising the physical strain associated with digital device use.


ZEISS Office Lens

Working in an office or home environment, we increasingly use computers and as an integral part of our lives. However, reading or progressive lenses are not ideal for desk and computer work, contributing to visual discomfort and poor posture. This can be easily overcome with the correct lenses.

The ZEISS Office Lens is designed for the office environment, where near and intermediate vision is important. ZEISS Office Lens offers a large field of vision at close and intermediate distances, giving you an unimpaired view of the screen, allowing a natural posture and sitting position.


ZEISS Precision Progressive Lenses

Because your eyes are as unique as your fingerprints, we understand that your progressive lenses need to be individual and one-of-a-kind – just like you!
ZEISS Progressive lenses can be designed to suit your facial physiology, your frame selection and your main daily activities, offering you a tailor made solution for your visual needs.

Fashion trends are constantly evolving and ZEISS Progressive lenses are available in a range of designs, including polarised and thinner lens materials, allowing you to move easily between frame styles, without compromising optical quality.


ZEISS DriveSafe

Being able to see well is a pre-requisite for safe driving. On the road our eyes are working overtime: constantly shifting focus between the street, the GPS and the rear view and side mirrors. Inclement weather or adverse light conditions often make it difficult to see. Driving can be a real challenge for everybody and no matter how long the journey, good vision is vital for safety.

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses – available in single-vision and progressive lenses – minimise this visual stress when driving and make it easier for drivers to see, enabling you to arrive at your destination safely and stress-free. These lenses help you enjoy better vision at night or in difficult weather conditions, protect your eyes from reflections and make it easier for you to shift your viewing focus – quickly and often. The optimum extra safety feature from your everyday pair of glasses.


ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum

Life is full of challenges. So what you need is spectacle lenses that are hard enough to deal with all the tough stuff. Lenses that are strong enough to take on life’s challenges need to be robust, dirt-resistant, crystal clear and easy to clean.

ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum is the hardest ever ZEISS anti-reflective coating, featuring anti-static technology to repel dust and dirt. The coating also features an oleophobic (oil-repelling) and super-hydrophobic (water-repelling) clean coat that makes it easier to care for your ZEISS lenses.
With ZEISS DuraVision® Platinum coating, you can enjoy the clearest vision possible with the convenience of trouble-free cleaning and the confidence of rugged durability.


ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect

Do you spend a lot of time at a computer screen, or using digital devices? Modern light sources and digital screens emit a high amount of blue light, which can disrupt sleep patterns, reduce visual clarity and contribute to eye strain.

ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect is a lens coating specifically designed for people who spend a lot of time indoors and exposed to blue-violet light. The coating reflects a portion of high energy blue light from artificial sources such as LEDs, as well as TVs, computer and tablet screens, giving you clearer, more comfortable vision and reducing disruption to the body’s natural sleep/wake cycle.

ZEISS DuraVision® BlueProtect coating offers you superior hardness and ease of cleaning, combined with visual comfort and protection from blue light.


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